Unbelievable! A TBI Hasn’t Tamed Tom’s Artistic Talents

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By LJ Sarten, ETS
Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers 

The first day I met Tom Sparschu, he asked me to thread a needle for him. Upon returning the threaded needle, he said, “Thanks Buddy. Just wait, you’re going to be my new buddy.” Little did I realize at the time how true this statement would turn out to be and how much I would come to rely […]

Mark Evans and Laurie Shipley receive the Rainbow Leadership and Buzz Wilson Awards

Mark and Laurie [Edit]

New this Employee of the Season was the introduction of the Rainbow Leadership Award and the Buzz Wilson Award.

Mark Evans was awarded the Rainbow Leadership Award for his many years of outstanding work as a leader in different areas of Rainbow.

Laurie Shipley was awarded the Rainbow Leadership Award for being an employee who most embodies the mission of Rainbow and the values that […]

Employee of the Season – Summer 2017


We are pleased to announce the recipients of the Employee of the Season – Summer 2017

Belleville: Kimberly Nolasco, Octavia Hubert
Brookside: David Mulcahy
Carpenter: C’Aira Pickering, Chalaha Begum
Crane: Brett Hutcheon
Elwell: Chelsea Kelly
FHTC: Tonia Goodwin
GTC: Shatara Morrison, Teneya Parrish
NRC: Emily Bolewitz, Jacqueline Brown, Latasha Watkins, Lenora Ealy, Lizzietta Battle, Salina Brown
NRC Kitchen: Melenie Swayze, Sara Headlee, Sheila Reid, Dominic Parent, Latonya […]

Give Yourself Some Credit!

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By Kathleen Sobczak, BSN, RN, CBIS, WCC, CRRN
Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers 

Congratulations! You have worked hard to earn your license and certification. Your professional dedication is acknowledged and recognized by Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers!

In order to maintain your license and certification, you are required to complete continuing education. Continued education is intended to keep you current with emerging trends and technologies. Each licensing agency or certification […]

Autonomous Vehicles

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By Barry Marshall
Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers

It’s a cool, cloudy day high in the California desert, and an engineer hits “pickup” on a watch-like device. An empty car pulls out of a parking space and stops beside him. The engineer hops in for a spin around an autonomous vehicle test facility. The car stops for a jaywalker, at all stop signs and, when on the highway, […]

The Importance of a Support Network

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By Carolyn Scott, Ph.D., CBIST
Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers

Brain injury affects more than just the individual with the injury; families also experience a wide range of reactions and disruptions to their daily lives. To help address these stressors, Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers offers a support group open to the community.

The support group meets once a week for eight weeks to provide educational information and […]

Nationally and Locally Rainbow Makes a Difference

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By Lynn Browers, MS, CRC, CBIST
Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers

A Leader in Brain Injury Rehabilitation Education
Supporting the Brain Injury Association of America’s effort to assure high quality post-acute care

Survival after severe brain injury was a medical accomplishment that occurred during our lifetime. However, health professionals soon discovered that brain injury recovery was a unique and difficult process for the […]

Employee of the Season – Spring 2017


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We are pleased to announce the recipients of the Employee of the Season – Spring 2017:

Arbor: Riad Alhakim
Belleville: Vanesha Smith
Brookeside: Desmond Trinity, David Mulcahy
Crane: Lori Bailey
Elwell: Adrieba Murry
Garden City Apartments: Michelle Rousselo, Jacquelin Jordan
Hillside: Tamara Brooking, Karen Butch
GTC: Taylor Peyton, Rachel Benish, Bradley Bessette, Kiara Brown, DeAisha Greenlee, Alonzo Jones
Home Care: Veronica Kimble
Maple: […]

Social Challenges for the Young Adult with a TBI


By Pamela T. Boykin, M.Ed., CCC-SLP
Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers

Excellent social skills are a valuable commodity in today’s society. Employers demand employees with strong social skills and offer classes on good customer service and etiquette. Eye contact, a smile and pleasant demeanor are requirements for service jobs- which is a vastly growing sector of business. Use of good social skills can positively change an interaction and make a […]

The Evolution of Vocational Rehabilitation

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The following is from an interview with Don Daniels, Vocational Manager at Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers, as he talks about changes in vocational rehabilitation over the years.

Rainbow Visions: Has vocational rehabilitation always been part of brain injury rehabilitation?

Don Daniels: No it hasn’t. In the ’40s and ’50s, you were left on your […]