Ethical Codes

At Rainbow, we strive to foster an environment that maintains the highest level of integrity and honesty. Ethical standards are rooted in our policies, procedures, Employee Handbook, employee training and organizational direction.

Further, these ethical standards extend to employee conduct and overall organizational practices as they relate to marketing, business, contractual relationships, clinical and personnel matters.

The Ethical Code of Conduct is complementary to our organizational policies and serve to describe the company’s position on a variety of ethical issues.

Separately, a Code of Ethics document is available in company facilities, is available to visitors at large, and is to serve as a high-level overview of what the company values, our position on topics of interest and to provide the public and stakeholders with information on how to report a potential ethical violation.

Thus, the Ethical Code of Conduct is primarily focused on behavior, while the Code of Ethics is focused on values.

Non-discrimination Statement

Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers, Inc. does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, age, or any other characteristic protected by law in admission, treatment, or participation in its programs, educational services, services and activities, or in employment, or on the basis of sex in its health programs and activities. For further information about this policy, contact: Director of Human Resources at 734-482-1200 or TTY/State Relay 800-649-3777. RRC complies with 20 USC § 1681; 45 CFR 86, 42 USC § 6101; 45 CFR 90 & 91, 42 USC § 2000d, 45 CFR 80; 29 USC § 794, 45 CFR 84.

Notice of Assistance Aids

If you, your loved one, or your client requires a language interpreter, auxiliary aids or auxiliary services, please speak with the Admissions Manager or the center receptionist who will direct you to the appropriate staff member for assistance. Examples of such aids or services include, but are not limited to: language interpreter, sign-language interpreter, use of TTY services, web-based or electronic translation applications, iPads with text to talk or communication apps, communication boards, and note-takers to name a few.

If language assistance services are needed, these will be provided at no cost to the client requesting the service. When language assistance services are needed, please contact the Admissions Department or the receptionist.