Project Description

Neuropsychology Program

Whether they are involved in residential, home care, or outpatient services, we know that every client has their own preferences, personality, and cognitive strengths and weaknesses. All these factors need to be considered for our clients to be successful in therapy, at work, or in their residential setting. To gather this information, clients may participate in a neuropsychological evaluation.

Neuropsychologists consider how multiple factors contribute to a person’s current presentation.  These factors include injury characteristics, educational background, personality, and health history among other things.  The information gathered during a neuropsychological assessment can be used to help set therapy goals, assist in making a diagnosis, and plan for a successful discharge home or transition to a new program.

Program Features

  • Neuropsychological assessment focusing on cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning
  • Brief and extended batteries
  • Individualized feedback provided by the neuropsychologist
  • Case consultation
  • Tracking of cognitive recovery over the course of time
  • Brief interventions
  • Psychotherapy