Project Description

Rainbow Residences

Rainbow residences are community-based and are located in both suburban and rural locations.  Our residences are conveniently located in desirable neighborhoods to provide easy access to schools and community resources.  Our accessible homes feature private bedrooms, spacious shared living spaces for meals, recreation and family visits.  Private bedrooms can be personalized to give residents a place to call their own.

At the same time, each home is designed to accommodate the physical and medical needs necessary during brain and/or spinal cord injury.

All Rainbow Residences are supervised by a team of our caring, trained staff on a 24-hour basis, and all residences have 24-hour on-call nursing and mental health services.

Residence Features

  • On-site rehabilitation treatment team for individuals requiring higher levels of support
  • Psychologist, mental health professionals, case managers, program directors and nurses on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week based on client need
  • Practical training in problem solving, financial responsibility and activities of daily living, such as housekeeping and vocational support
  • Availability of accessible public transportation (most locations)
  • Access to schools, jobs and educational programs