Dr. Janice White and Barbara Williams

At the luncheon honoring the Summer 2019 Employees of the Season, Rainbow had the special honor of presenting a new award, the Rainbow Impact Award.

The focus of this award is to recognize employees who provide direct care and have positively influenced clients through compassion, advocacy and passion for our clients.

Barbara Williams, a Rehabilitation Assistant at our NeuroRehab Campus in Farmington Hills, was awarded the first Rainbow Impact Award for outstanding care and service she has provided to her clients for over a decade.

During this past season Barbara attended a post surgical appointment with a client, spending almost 11 hours there. She was more than willing to stay because she wanted to be there for her client when he woke up from surgery so he would see a familiar face.

In another situation, one of her clients was being moved from the NeuroRehab Campus to another Rainbow residential home. Barbara volunteered to cover at the new house so that he had familiar staff to wake up to on his first morning. She ended up working a double shift that day so she could help the residential employees and the client get comfortable with the transition. This was not something that was required of Barbara, but rather something she felt had to be done to give our clients the best care possible!

These are just two examples of the devotion and compassion that Barbara has for her clients! Thank you Barbara for your service. Rainbow is lucky to have you as a valued member of our team.