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At the luncheon honoring the Summer 2018 Employees of the Season, Rainbow presented the Rainbow Leadership Award and the Buzz Wilson Award to two very deserving employees.

This is the second year that Rainbow has presented these two special awards. The Rainbow Leadership Award recognizes a Rainbow leader who most embodies the key tenets of effective leadership. The Buzz Wilson award recognizes the employee who most embodies the mission of Rainbow established by Buzz Wilson, Rainbow’s long-time leader.

The Rainbow Leadership Award was presented to Christen Fodera, Division Business Manager, for her ability to inspire positive change in Rainbow employees, including many outside of her direct leadership.

Christen has mastered the ability to create results including: assisted in the design of the Manager in Training Program, created the Team Leader Training Program, improved the safety of wheelchair lifts and reduced cancelations at her treatment center by 10%.

In fact, it is hard to name a Rainbow business initiative in recent years that Christen has not been a part of. No matter how much is on her plate, she is always willing to lend a hand with a smile on her face. For almost 10 years, Christen has positively impacted employees across Rainbow, and our high quality of care is proof of that!

The Buzz Wilson Award was presented to Kathleen Sobczak, Admissions Manager, for living out the mission of Rainbow throughout her career at Rainbow. Kathleen has served in a variety of roles including Case Manager, Field Nurse, Nurse Manager, and her current position as Admissions Manager.

Kathleen is a fierce client advocate and puts great importance on building trust with the client, their families and external customers. She is not afraid to break down barriers to admission by working with insurance companies to educate them on why Rainbow is the right choice. She won’t take “no” for an answer because no won’t give her clients what they deserve.

Her determination, compassion and empathy for our clients is contagious. One of Kathleen’s nominations stated, “I always wonder, what would Kathleen think? Or what would Kathleen do?” She sets the bar very high for everyone at Rainbow.

Congratulations Christen and Kathleen! Thank you for your years of outstanding service to Rainbow.