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To Our Valued Clients, Family Members, Employees and Stakeholders:

We are pleased to report that it has now been over five months since any client has had a new onset of COVID-19 in a residential setting. With the recent increase in COVID-19 cases throughout Michigan and nation, we remain vigilant in our efforts to follow sound recommendations, screen employees, clients, and visitors, and routinely review and educate stakeholders on the virus.

Several new updates have come out from the State’s Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) on that handling of COVID-19 related matters. This update is focused on the new rules around Visitation to Long-Term Care Settings, which includes Rainbow’s homes.

Effective October 26, 2020, MDHHS services has issued revised guidelines for indoor visitation for individuals in Residential Care Settings.  The new requirements will have an impact on families, case managers, guardians and anyone wanting to visit with our clients.  I have linked three items that will be helpful for you.

The state visitation regulations are related to the county where the facility is located.  MDHHS ranks the counties on a scale from A to E, with A being low risk and E being a high risk of exposure to COVID-19.  There is a link to MDHHS ranking for risk of exposure to COVID-19 you can access here.  Currently, Wayne and Oakland County are rated a “D” and Washtenaw is rated an “E”.   See the Residential Care Visitation Order here, showing the different protections by rating level A to E.

The biggest change in the visitation requirements is when a county is ranked C or D, it requires anyone requesting an indoor visit to produce a negative COVID test prior to being able to visit (see Special Cases here).  Washtenaw is currently an E which prohibits any indoor visitation, aside from critical situations.  We will continue to try and accommodate the outside visits with all precautions observed. The NRC and Southfield Center have been closed to visitors due to the high vulnerabilities. 

Leave of Absence (LOA) will also be affected by this change in that clients can not to go into high risk exposure areas and then return to the house occupied by other clients.  We will review these situations on an individualized basis.

We still have ways for you to visit with your client electronically through Skype, Facetime, and other means.  If you are having difficulty with the technology necessary to have a virtual visit, let your Rainbow Case Manager know and we will see how we can facilitate that visit.  In addition, we are working on setting up visitation centers where visit appointments can be made, follow the requirements, and allow for in-person visits when possible.  More to come on that soon.

This is Rehabilitation Assistant Appreciation Week.  Please help join us all in saying Thank You to Rainbow’s wonderful Rehabilitation Assistants! These hard working, creative, and compassionate individuals do all the things big and little that make such an amazing difference in client experience, safety, and success. Thank You Rehabilitation Assistants! 

We will continue to keep you updated. Please do not hesitate to contact your Rainbow Case Manager or Rainbow Administration with your comments or questions. We will get through this. 

One Team – Together, 

Bill Buccalo 

President and CEO