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To Our Valued Clients, Family Members, Employees and Stakeholders:

We are pleased to report that it has now been over four months since any client has had a new onset of COVID-19. We remain vigilant in our efforts to follow sound recommendations, screen employees, clients, and visitors, and routinely review and educate stakeholders on the virus. While we have not had any client cases of COVID, we have had some employee cases, however no outbreaks.  This is an indication that the precautions we are following are working to minimize or stop the spread of the virus. We remain highly focused on the health and safety of our clients, employees, and our broader community.

As we approach fall, there are several updates that we would like to share including a new Order on Outdoor Visitation to our homes.


The Department of Health and Human Services recently revised rules, allowing “Outdoor Visitation” to residential care settings. With the remaining warmer weather this fall, we are encouraging safe visits between families and clients. While indoor visits remain prohibited under the Governor’s Orders, we are able to accommodate outdoor visit at locations meeting the requirements. These requirements include limiting visitors to two at a time, screening in, wearing of masks, maintaining social distancing at all times, among other requirements. Visits must be pre-scheduled. Please talk with the Residential Manager to schedule an outdoor visit or to continue with the existing window visits. 

Remember, Rainbow has also added technology devices at all locations to ensure you can connect via telephone, or video chat through Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, or Facebook. Assistance is available if you are having difficulty connecting; please let our team members know and we can help get you connected.

Systematic Testing

Systematic testing of residential clients has continued over the summer and will continue this fall. Rainbow has expanded the number of individuals tested, including a weekly selection of homes in different geographic areas to systematically test clients.  In the event we identify any asymptomatic clients or employees, this process will allow us to implement isolation measures quickly, reducing the risk of further exposure to others.

We will continue efforts to test on a systematic basis, and we will trace and isolate any individual testing positive to help keep everyone safe. Should there be a positive case, appropriate people will be notified.

Therapy Services

Following the guidance of the CDC, OSHA, and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Rainbow has developed and implemented a thorough COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan to ensure we have the mechanisms in place to help protect employees and clients. 

Under these standards, our outpatient therapy centers are up and running, offering clients most of the therapy services available prior to March, including vocational services and training opportunities. Hours of operations have been modified to allow for social distancing and lower numbers of people on site at the same time.

Telehealth services continue to be available and have proved very successful as many clients prefer the convenience and reduce the need for transportation. Telehealth also offers the benefit of strict social distancing yet allows people to receive that care they need to thrive towards rehabilitation goals.

Our enhanced safety procedures at our Outpatient Centers include:

  • Health screenings are completed before entry via telephone and then again upon entry, including use of touch-less thermometers for further assessment
  • Nursing staff are available to triage anyone who presents with symptoms to educate and provide referrals for further care
  • Masks are provided and worn by all clients and staff
  • Additional personal protective equipment (PPE) is readily available and utilized whenever deemed necessary
  • Clients are asked to wash and sanitize their hands frequently along with our employees
  • Social distancing measures have been implemented wherever possible
  • Sanitation procedures for all facilities and between treatments have been enhanced
  • Our Infection Control team continues surveillance and monitoring of all Rainbow environments and tracking of any individuals who present with symptoms

Updates on recent Governor issued Executive Orders relating to long-term care facilities

  • Order 2020-177, issued September 3, 2020, extends the State of Emergency through October 1, 2020. 
    • Rainbow will continue to provide telehealth services and in-person therapy services at the Residential Sites for those most vulnerable. Additionally, we will continue in-person therapy for residential clients and outpatient clients at the Outpatient Centers where appropriate.
  • Order 2020-179, issued September 3, 2020, extends Protections for Residents and Employees of Long-term Care Facilities through until September 30, 2020. 
    • Rainbow continues to comply with the requirements of this order, focusing on the safety of residents and employees, and the overall preparedness of the company.
  • Order 2020-174, issued August 28, 2020, extends the previous order which temporarily Restricts Visitors to Residential Care Facilities through September 30, 2020. However, MDHHS Order loosens the order allowing for “Outdoor Visits” under certain conditions or exceptions. 
    • Rainbow can make “Outdoor Visitation” available for clients and family in certain circumstances. Please speak to the Residential Program Manager or Division Director for any questions or to make arrangements for an outdoor visit.
    • Rainbow continues to make client / family communication available and encouraged through FaceTime and other video and phone means so we can all stay connected. Additionally, ‘window visits’ are available where safe.

I would like to recognize our wonderful employees for all they are doing to continue to perform their work admirably every day, while also doing their very best to keep everyone safe. You are greatly appreciated!

To our stakeholders, thank you all for your continued support. We will continue to keep you updated. Please do not hesitate to contact your Rainbow Case Manager or Rainbow Administration with your comments or questions. We will get through this.

One Team – Together,

Bill Buccalo

President and CEO