Post COVID-19 Recovery Program

Common symptoms related to COVID-19 can include coughing, difficulty breathing, limited endurance and poor oxygenation. Due to these symptoms, muscles in the neck and upper back which help with breathing can become tight. The spine in the neck and upper back can also stiffen due to the stress of coughing and inactivity. The tight muscles and joint stiffness in the upper trunk can create pain in the neck, ribs, upper and mid back.

Additionally, people may struggle with correct breathing mechanics after suffering from these symptoms. Overall, people who have been less active due to being ill can experience muscle loss and deconditioning as they try to return to normal activities.

Following a COVID-19 diagnosis, it is important to receive integrated outpatient therapy. The Rainbow outpatient centers are specifically equipped for the treatment of individuals recovering from various symptoms and complications of COVID-19.

At Rainbow’s outpatient centers, you will receive a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan which will include an individualized therapy team approach. Your licensed therapists will evaluate your pain and limitations to discover the root cause of the issues. Using this information, a specialized therapy program will be developed to address your flexibility, mobility, strength, and endurance

Benefits of Physical Therapy after COVID-19

  • Decreased pain
  • Increased endurance
  • Improved breathing mechanics
  • Restored mobility in restricted joints
  • Improved flexibility of tight or sore muscles
  • Increased strength of weakened or deconditioned muscles

What does Post COVID-19 Recovery Rehabilitation address?

  • Pain/Dysfunction – headaches/neck pain/rib pain/back pain
  • Cardiopulmonary Issues – difficulty breathing/poor oxygen levels/decreased aerobic capacity
  • Deconditioning – generalized weakness/fatigue/decreased function/limited mobility
  • Neurological Complications – decreased balance/difficulty walking/poor coordination/confusion and cognitive difficulties

Extra safety precautions you can expect when seeking treatment at Rainbow

As we greet clients in all settings, we adhere to screening guidelines provided by the CDC, local health departments and other governmental agencies. Rainbow has continued to have stringent protocols in place for clients and employees to prevent the spread of all infections.

  • Patients will receive a mask upon entering the outpatient center
  • All patients and staff complete COVID-19 screening questions and have their temperature taken to ensure no fever
  • Equipment is cleaned between patients
  • Appropriate PPE is worn by therapist

Need more information on Rainbow’s Post COVID-19 Recovery Program?

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