Home Health Services

Rainbow’s Home Health Services, along with its team of therapists have served clients with brain and spinal cord injuries since 1997. Rainbow’s team of rehabilitation therapists give expert treatment where people are most comfortable; in their own homes or communities.

Clients can call on Rainbow to provide ongoing individual therapies, nursing services, personal care, and training in activities of daily living such as meal preparation, shopping, money management and community access. These services help maintain the success achieved after leaving our residential settings, following hospital stays or when participating in home-based therapy programs.

School Staffing

Rainbow provides therapists to meet a school district’s needs for full time, part time or temporary staffing need.


When you return to home or work, Rainbow provides assessments of these locations to ensure that you continue to receive the proper care in the right environment.

Functional Assessment: These evaluations are performed to assist in determining therapy, durable medical equipment and attendant care needs.

Home Assessment: After a thorough review of a home environment, Rainbow will make recommendations for home modifications in order to create a barrier free or wheelchair accessible home/living environment.

Worksite Assessment: Rainbow can visit a worksite and make recommendations for modifications to the jobsite to maximize your ability to function in your work environment.

Driver Assessment: The ability to drive is a symbol of independence for so many people who have been injured. When a client may be ready to participate in an on-the-road driving assessment, Rainbow provides pre-driver’s screening assessments. This screening assists in determining visual acuity, visual perception and reaction time.

Rehabilitation Specialists

-Intervention in client’s real-life environment – work, school, home reintegration:

  • Flexible scheduling to meet the client’s needs
  • Support and education to teachers, employers, families, clients and caregivers to ensure successful reintegration
  • Use of community resources and supports (community transportation, libraries, banks, etc.)

-Cognitive rehabilitation
-Professional staff attendance at physician appointments, hospital or facility discharge meetings
-Family and team conferences
-Client-specific treatment and discharge plans
-Collaboration with Individual Education Plans (IEP) goals

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