Pediatric & Young Adult Program

For over 25 years, though a unique continuum of care philosophy, Rainbow Rehabilitation’s Pediatric and Young Adult program has guided children, teens and young adults through the recovery process with an individualized treatment plan that meets their specific needs and goals. Treatment is available residentially, through outpatient, telehealth and home health services.

The development of appropriate behaviors, school attendance and therapies are emphasized through group and individual approaches by a team of our dedicated and passionate therapists specifically trained in pediatric and young adult rehabilitation.

Let us help your child regain the active and satisfying life he or she deserves with the greatest level of independence possible.

The programs work with each child or teen to:

  • Build self-esteem
  • Learn to problem solve
  • Improve self-control
  • Enhance memory and attention
  • Engage in age-appropriate social interactions
  • Boost academic and organizational skills
  • Increase development of motor skills
  • Increase safety awareness
  • Develop cognitive and communication skills
  • Improve activities of daily living
  • Make friends!

Rainbow offers specialized treatment programs designed for children and young adults

Speech and Language therapy can assist with voice, swallowing and feeding issues, articulation, cognition, social skills, expressive and receptive language, fluency, and augmentative and alternative communication.

Occupational therapy can help improve sensory, fine motor and handwriting skills, upper extremity strength and range of motion issues, coordination, visual perceptual issues, self-care skills, and age appropriate daily living skills such as chores, budgeting and meal prep.

Physical therapy can aid the client in regaining gross motor skills, motor planning, coordination, range of motion, and strengthening. Additionally, our therapists will focus on age appropriate play skills.

Mental health services can facilitate with social and emotional developmental skills, school and peer interaction development, bully prevention, family support and education, and age appropriate/developmental transitions. Additionally, Rainbow employs therapists trained in play therapy techniques.

Rainbow offers specialized recovery treatment that serves the needs of virtually every type, stage and level of brain injury rehabilitation for children, adolescents and young adults.

We help individuals regain lost skills or functions while introducing new skills and strategies to cope with long-term changes.

Rainbow has been successfully treating children and teens with brain injuries since 1994 with a team of experienced specialists rigorously trained in brain injury recovery.

Rainbow’s Pediatric and Young Adult Programs treatment center are located at the Oakland Treatment Center in downtown Farmington, MI.

The center features a sensory integration room, private treatment rooms, modern therapy equipment, an accessible kitchen, a library and computer room, a fitness center, a gym, a therapeutic swimming pool and much more.

With pediatric residential homes, specialized residential programs, after school, Saturday and summer programming, children as young as two can be treated in environments that best fit their unique needs.

Whether a child requires intensive therapy, ongoing medical attention or behavioral retraining, the ability to access Rainbow’s vast network of programs during the recovery process provides children with the right care at the right time.

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