Rainbow U Day Treatment Programming

Rainbow U is a unique program that incorporates therapeutic goals while engaging participants in a variety of activities and interests.

This creative and engaging approach to day treatment programming provides more choices, more treatment options, and more sustained achievement. Participants in Rainbow U explore an array of interesting and entertaining activities while they work on clear treatment objectives.

Rainbow’s outpatient clients have the opportunity to participate in Rainbow U according to their individual abilities and interests, and courses are offered at a variety of Rainbow’s treatment locations.

Pathways to Therapeutic Goals

In addition to the traditional individual therapy that Rainbow offers, Rainbow U adds two types of therapeutic groups: core and elective. Core courses such as Physical Wellness, Cooking, Music Skills, Community Adventures, and Coping Skills are prescribed based on the client’s therapeutic needs in physical, cognitive, emotional, social and independent living areas.

Elective courses are the activities that clients choose based on their interests. Each trimester they select from a variety of courses such as Outdoor Adventures, Fibre Arts, Cooking Skills, and Dealing with Loss. With this wide range of electives, clients are motivated to participate, because they are able to choose courses in which they are interested.

Encouraging and Rewarding Success

Each participant earns daily points for achievement and participation which can be redeemed for a variety of rewards. Clients also receive an achievement report at the end of each trimester to help them stay in touch with their goals.

And because these achievements are worth celebrating, a Spirit Week event is scheduled between each trimester to recognize everyone’s success! Spirit Week is a week-long celebration with themed days, a center-wide party, and hourly group activities that pave the way for transitioning into the next trimester’s new class offerings and new routines.

More Choices, More Results, More Fun

Rainbow U includes interesting and exciting activities, even on the weekends. The high-quality programming that we’re known for has been built into Rainbow U to give clients more choices, more results, and more fun! With over 100 rotating courses developed since the start of Rainbow U and new classes that are continually created based on the diverse interests of our clients, there’s a large variety to choose from.

Additionally, our clients have input into which courses are offered each trimester and skilled clinicians will assist the client in choosing the most beneficial course for their therapeutic goals and needs.

Rainbow U Course Catalog

Over 100 rotating courses have been developed since the start of Rainbow U. All the activity groups are designed to carry over the clients’ specific therapy goals in a fun environment.

New classes are continually created based on the diverse interest of our clients so there’s a large variety to choose from. The button below is a course description of recent classes.

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