Vocational Rehabilitation

Returning to work is a goal for many people who have been injured. Pursuing vocational rehabilitation can make all the difference, particularly when cognitive functions or physical abilities are altered.

At Rainbow, we provide a continuum of vocational services with varying levels of support for adults and young adults who have sustained a brain injury, spinal cord injury, other neuro-trauma or orthopedic injuries. The Vocational Rehabilitation Program is multi-faceted and holds a medical rehabilitation CARF accreditation in vocational services with a sub-specialty in brain injury.

All of Rainbow’s vocational programs can coordinate with the full interdisciplinary team, including mental health and substance misuse counselors, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists and more.

Who Can Benefit from Vocational Rehabilitation?

Many persons benefit from vocational services during their rehabilitation. The following tracks to employment offer varying levels of support designed to meet the needs of each individual.

Return to Work Rehabilitation

Designed for persons who are on medical leave or unemployed because of a disabling event. Persons served have a positive work history, competitive skills, and their goal is expedited competitive employment.

Adult Transitional Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation for persons with competitive employment goals and a need for vocational training to achieve their goal. Participants following this track may have the need for general supervision or job coaching.

Vocational Day Program with Rainbow U®

Persons served have a long-term need for supervision and training to achieve a stable activity pattern of community and personal living. Rainbow U is a unique day treatment program that incorporates therapeutic goals while engaging participants in a variety of activities and interest. This creative and engaging approach to day treatment programming provides more choices, more treatment options, and more sustained achievement.

Young Adult Vocational Services

A component of the Young Adult Program, this track is appropriate for individuals who were injured before entering the workforce or before developing social behaviors and skills necessary for successful employment. Young adult habilitation and vocational training includes career development opportunities and training activities that support learning about the world of work. Led by Rainbow’s occupational therapists and rehabilitation counselors, young adults have opportunities to achieve both educational and vocational goals.

Program Highlights

  • CARF accreditation in Medical Rehabilitation and Vocational Services with a specialty in Brain Injury for Adults
  • Excellent continuum of care including pre-vocational training, supported employment and community placement
  • Testing and evaluation
    -Skills and interest testing
    -Work readiness evaluation
  • Vocational Counseling
    -Career exploration
    -Job counseling and placement
    -Accommodations assessment
  • Job coaching
  • Fitness and conditioning for work
  • On-the-job experience

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