Our Programs

From hospital discharge to community re-entry, Rainbow has programs to treat each client with optimal care at every stage of their rehabilitation.

Far more than a collection of programs

In order to fully implement flexible, individualized programming, we employ and retain outstanding health care professionals who provide unmatched quality care to our clients.

Rainbow offers a Continuum of Care that provides flexibility in progressing clients to their maximum level of independence.  By design, clients move seamlessly through programs at Rainbow.  

Our ability to offer programs and living environments uniquely paired to an individual’s needs is our strength. We apply a transitional philosophy to brain injury recovery, which covers virtually every aspect of the rehabilitation process.

Active Rehabilitation

At Rainbow we recognize that rehabilitation is not one-size-fits-all . Clients in the Active Rehabilitation Program participate in highly individualized, intensive treatment that incorporates our vast array of treatment professionals. Clients are challenged to achieve their goals and are given daily opportunities for success. Key components of the…

Home and Community Rehabilitation

Rainbow’s Home and Community Rehabilitation program, along with its team of therapists have served clients with brain and spinal cord injuries since 1997. Rainbow’s team of rehabilitation therapists give expert treatment where people are most comfortable; in their own homes or communities.

Pediatric Brain Injury Program

In 1994, Rainbow developed its first specialized program for the care of children and adolescents with brain injuries. Since then, Rainbow has opened several residential treatment homes offering a structured environment where children and adolescents can rehabilitate in a safe, supportive setting. School attendance, the development…

Supported Living

Rainbow’s Supported Living Program is designed for individuals who require ongoing care and supervision. Community outings, fitness, health and wellness, and leisure skills are emphasized. From day trips and sporting events to weight training and aquatic therapy, clients have numerous opportunities to engage…

Medical Rehabilitation

Catastrophic injuries are often complicated by medical needs requiring specialized care.  For these individuals, we are more than rehabilitation service providers or caregivers.  We are advocates for the improvement of health and wellness, both physically and emotionally.

Young Adult Program

Young Adulthood can be an exciting and adventurous time however, this stage of life can be difficult, especially for those who have sustained a brain or spinal cord injury. Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers Young Adult Program offers tailored cognitive retraining and individualized and group therapies

Summer Fun! Program

Created by Rainbow’s pediatric rehabilitation specialists, our therapeutic Summer Fun! program provides structure, support and fun for children ages four through young adult who have sustained traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries.

Semi-Independent Living

The Semi-Independent Living Program is designed to encourage personal independence. Graduated levels of supervision are provided, and clients advance to increasingly less-structured settings as goals are achieved. This program offers a safe and supportive environment as clients take the last critical steps toward independence.

Rainbow U

Rainbow U is a unique program that incorporates therapeutic goals while engaging participants in a variety of activities and interests. This creative and engaging approach to day treatment programming provides more choices, more treatment options, and more sustained achievement.