Case Management

What is Case management?

Case Managers work with clients and their families to help plan, coordinate, and monitor services to ensure they are meeting a client’s needs.

Case Managers may also:

  • advocate and communicate on behalf of their clients
  • attend doctor appointments
  • work with insurance companies
  • order adaptive equipment
  • coordinate rehabilitation services in multiple settings
  • promote quality and cost-effective interventions 

While at Rainbow, an Internal Case Manager will be assigned to you.  You will be introduced to this person during the admission process.  The Internal Case Manager’s main job is to ensure communication between Rainbow’s employees, you, and your family.

What does a typical session look like?

You will not have regularly scheduled sessions with your Case Manager like you will with your therapists.  However, they will be working for you continually. Case Managers are available to meet in person and via phone to discuss your care.

What kind of training does a case manager have?

Case Managers may have a variety of educational and work backgrounds including nursing, social work, and psychology. Case Managers may have additional certifications in Case Management.  To earn these certifications, a Case Manager must have relevant work experience and pass an exam.