Recovery Specialist

What is a Recovery Specialist?

Recovery Specialists work with clients who have substance misuse problems before and/or after their injury. These counselors work with you to help you overcome substance use issues.  Substances that can be misused include alcohol, marijuana, opiates, cocaine, prescription drugs, nicotine, and more. The Recovery Specialists at Rainbow also have a history of working in the field of dual diagnosis and are therefore trained in psychotherapy as well as substance abuse issues.

What does a typical session look like?

The Recovery Specialists may work with you individually and in a group.  During sessions, they will help you develop greater insight into your substance use patterns.  They may also help you identify triggers for substance use. Your work in session can help you to develop skills that you can use to maintain sobriety. The Recovery Specialists may also work with you and the team to assess how cognitive challenges affect substance use habits.

What kind of training does a recovery specialist have?

The Recovery Specialists at Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers have Master’s degrees in Social Work. To earn a Master of Social Work (MSW), individuals must complete classes and an internship through a university program. Social Workers then complete an additional 4000 hours of supervised practice, to be eligible for the state licensing exam. Social Workers must be licensed in Michigan.

The Recovery Specialists at Rainbow are also certified as Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselors (CAADC).  The CAADC is an internally recognized certification that requires additional education and testing.