Summer Fun! Program

School’s Out! Let the summer fun begin!

Created by Rainbow’s pediatric rehabilitation specialists, our therapeutic Summer Fun! program provides structure, support and fun for children ages four through young adult who have sustained traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries.

Summer at Rainbow is a fun and educational experience for all age groups. It brings out the best in the kids who attend, and the adults who are a part of the program. It creates memories for years to come!

Increase Independence

Therapy cleverly disguised as good times? That’s the core of our Summer Fun! program. Activities are designed to address therapeutic goals so kids gain self control and skill mastery while having fun.

Positive behavioral changes are encouraged and rewarded, too. Steps toward independence are closely supervised by pediatric professionals.

Fitness Fun

Participate in team play, organized games, swimming and more. Summer Fun! activities challenge while emphasizing the value that each individual offers.

Decision making, teamwork skills and the rules of fair play are emphasized, and they enhance the social benefits of group activities.

Learn and Explore

Celebrate creativity and curiosity in a program that allows kids to try new activities in a safe, supportive environment. Weekly outings reflect each age group’s unique interests. Academic skills are reinforced through the summer so kids are school-ready in the fall.

Gain Responsibility

Contributing to the community is an important component of Rainbow’s Summer Fun! program. Volunteer opportunities or pre-vocational projects are part of every week.

Teens and young adults benefit from paid employment in a structured, supportive environment—practicing job skills and social interactions in real-world situations.

Residential Options

Residential options are available for all age groups in Oakland County. Living with peers while attending Summer Fun! provides opportunities to practice appropriate behaviors and interactions while making new friends.

The programs offer four broad participant groups:

Elementary School Age

For young children 5 years and older, interactive activities make learning fun. Groups are designed to give children opportunities to explore, question, communicate and create in a fun, supportive environment. Throughout the day, each child has a chance to participate and develop decision-making and teamwork skills while learning the rules of fair play and how to communicate with peers.

A typical week at Summer Fun! includes:

  • Sports and organized games
  • Arts and crafts
  • Academics
  • Cooking
  • Health and wellness
  • Swimming
  • Field trips
  • Cultural exploration[/toggle]
Middle School Age

Children in the middle school group have a schedule geared to meet the needs of this special “tween” age group. Their creativity, learning and curiosity are acknowledged and celebrated in a program that allows them to try out new and more challenging activities in a protected and supervised environment. Because this group often struggles as they transition from children to teenagers, Rainbow’s pediatric professionals have developed a schedule to introduce them to more mature values, work and social skills.

A typical week at Summer Fun! includes:

  • Prevocational/work exposure
  • Sports and fitness
  • Volunteering
  • Academics
  • Multimedia activities
  • Cooking
  • Swimming
  • Field trips[/toggle]
High School Age

The adolescents in the high school age group are involved in projects and activities that emphasize increased independence and social skills. Group activities focus on the importance of being a team player while acknowledging the value that each individual has to offer. Paid employment and volunteer activities are emphasized as ways to increase each teen’s self-esteem. Outings are age appropriate and reflect their interests.

A typical week at Summer Fun! includes:

  • Paid employment
  • Health management
  • Communications group
  • Volunteering
  • Academics
  • Sports and fitness
  • Field trips
Postsecondary Age (Young Adult)

Older adolescents in the post secondary age group participate in group activities that focus on independent living and vocational skills. Paid employment in a structured environment reinforces job skills and learning throughout the summer. This group has the opportunity to practice social interactions with peers and within the community.

A typical week at Summer Fun! includes:

  • Career building
  • Leisure skills
  • Paid employment
  • Fitness
  • Academics
  • Computers
  • Field trips


Oakland Treatment Center

32715 Grand River Ave.
Farmington, MI 48336
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Genesee Treatment Center

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Outings and Activities

Exploring the community is crucial to practicing appropriate behavior and developing positive peer relationships. It’s also Fun!

  • Sporting events
  • Water parks
  • Indoor rock climbing
  • Horseback riding
  • Field day
  • Talent show
  • Overnight camping
Program Highlights
  • Therapists specializing in pediatrics
  • Safe staff-to-child ratio
  • Academic support for school readiness
  • Paid employment for teens
  • Appropriate social interactions
  • Positive behavior reinforcement
  • Outcomes driven
  • Individual therapies when prescribed