At the luncheon honoring the Winter 2019 Employee of the Season, Rainbow presented the Safety Pillar Award and the Growth Pillar Award.

The Safety Pillar Award recognizes an employee who has contributed significantly to areas that promote decreasing employee and client injury rates and increasing the overall safety of clients and employees. The Growth Pillar Award recognizes an employee who has contributed significantly to areas including diversifying funding, increasing referrals and executing key projects.

Samantha Fitzsimmons, Occupational Therapy Clinical Manager, was presented with the Safety Pillar Award for her diligent and proactive approach to improving the safety and quality of care for our clients. In the nine years that Samantha has been at Rainbow, she has a proven track record of improving the safety of clients and employees including: reducing fall rates by 23 percent, reducing interruption of service and hospitalization by 50 percent and reducing unplanned discharges by 80 percent just to name a few.

Samantha is a highly skilled clinician and her passion for improving the lives of our clients is evident every day. Samantha stays on top of the latest technologies in wheelchairs, seat belts, motion detection, etc. As Clinical Manager, she motivates her team do the very same, and as a result, her team can provide a higher quality of care to their clients.

The Growth Pillar Award was presented to Lisha Clevenger, Director of Admissions and Marketing. Lisha was selected for this award for her ability to adapt and innovate in an ever-changing industry. In the 20 years Lisha has been at Rainbow, there have been many changes in the way we operate and admit new clients. Through these changes, Lisha has continued to pave the way by becoming an expert in diversifying funding and keeping our client’s best interest in the forefront.

Lisha is a champion for her Admissions and Marketing team and leads by example. She inspires, motivates and challenges her team daily to adapt and strategize on how to open new doors and to grow Rainbow’s admissions and referrals.

Lisha concluded her acceptance speech by saying, “I will do my best to live up to this honor and will keep working hard for the growth and success of Rainbow.”

Congratulations to both Samantha and Lisha. Both awards are very well deserved, and Rainbow is most honored to have you as a part of our team!