Vocational Rehab Campus

The Vocational Rehab Campus, located on two acres along the Huron River in the historic Depot Town area of Ypsilanti, MI, is more than just an 8,400 square foot building for vocational rehabilitation.

It is a spacious, therapeutic environment for job training and placement in a variety of occupational areas, vocational counseling day treatment services and physical wellness programs directed toward work hardening.

Although the campus is the flagship of Rainbow’s vocational facilities, vocational programming is available throughout the Rainbow system and at job sites in the community.

This location also features Rainbow U, a unique day treatment program. Rainbow U incorporates therapeutic goals while engaging participants in a variety of activities and interests. This creative and engaging approach to day treatment programming provides more choices, more treatment options, and more sustained achievement.

Facility Highlights

  • Wheelchair-accessible buildings and grounds
  • Private and shared work areas that simulate real-world working conditions
  • Individually designed assistive technology and tools
  • Woodworking shop
  • Career exploration center
  • Training rooms

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